What sport can reveal about character

Stephanie Cheah, education consultant and regular golfer since the Covid pandemic, explores the inextricable relationship between sport and character. Sport has long been viewed as a mirror, reflecting the intricacies of human nature. While many sports showcase the physical prowess, strategic thinking, and mental toughness of athletes, few are as revealing of character as golf. […]

Summer Reading Lists

Why not use the last two weeks of the summer catching up on some reading? If you need inspiration on what to read, here are lists of popular books being recommended by schools in the UK: Happy Reading!

Last Minute 2022 Applications to UK Universities

By Jenny McGowan, Director of Asia at Keystone Tutors and Stephanie Cheah, Founder of Waypoints Asia • January 5, 2022 A webinar about how to submit a last minute application for a UK university in 2022. Top tips about how to select your course, write a personal statement and completing the administrative sections of the […]

Why Choose the UK?

By Kara Owen • June 11, 2022 • Her Excellency British High Commissioner Her Excellency Kara Owen, British High Commissioner in Singapore, shares an insight into why studying in the UK is still attractive and relevant to students worldwide.

How to Prepare for UK School Entrance Tests

By Ed Richardson & Jenny McGowan • June 23, 2020 • Keystone Tutors Ed Richardson, Director of Education and Jenny McGowan, Director of Asia share their advice and tips for how to prepare for the entrance tests to top UK independent schools

Top Tips for Applying to Oxbridge

By Jenny McGowan • June 23, 2020 • Keystone Tutors Director of Asia at Keystone Tutors, shares her top tips for applying to Oxbridge

Careers Advice for School Leavers

By Harry Hammond • June 23, 2020 • Radley College Harry Hammond, Senior Master, speaks to school leavers about the ingredients of success when considering tertiary education and planning a career path

Preparing for University Through Top UK Boarding Schools

By Martin Cropper • June 23, 2020 • Shrewsbury School Talks on how the top British boarding schools prepare their students for further education through a strong broad curriculum and focused mentoring by Senior Master and Director of Admissions, Martin Cropper

Mindfulness in Schools

By Richard Burnett • June 23, 2020 • Tonbridge School Stop. Breathe. Pay attention. “Our mental health and well-being are profoundly affected by where and how we place our attention”. In this enlightening talk, Richard guides through a short mindfulness meditation, and shares his experience of teaching mindfulness in schools. He reveals some of the […]

Ask the Head webinar series: Episode 1

By John Moule • December 10, 2020 • Radley College John Moule takes centrestage in Episode 1 and answers questions such as “How are international students settled into your community?” and “What do you think is special about your school?”