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At Waypoints, we care personally about every individual and advise with the ideal of finding the perfect match for your child’s educational journey
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“With the consultative guidance of Waypoints and their expertise, our application to Downe House was selected. Being new to the UK education system, it took us some time to understand the application process, how my daughter would be valued, supported and challenged as an individual, and the range of opportunities she could explore to develop her strengths.

My daughter has been extremely happy with the school, enjoying every bit of the education journey which encompasses academic, teaching, co-curricular, sports, friendship and close pastoral care."

~ Father of Year 12 student
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“We have found Waypoints superb to work with” ~ Director of Admissions, Cheltenham

"BESSA is hands down the best school fair I attend during the year. A classy event that brings in genuine families" ~ Exhibitor at BESSA
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"I am extremely grateful for the exceptional support provided by Waypoints. She provided invaluable insight into the trade-offs between academic versus character development and pastoral support of the various schools. Her advice was informed and unbiased, always prioritising my son's best interests above all else. We couldn't have done without her guidance and more importantly, her instincts!

My son is now settled and thriving in his new boarding school, no small feat for someone who joined midway in Year 10. "

~ Mother of student at Shrewsbury School

Schools Advice

We advise parents looking for a British-curriculum education for their children. Our particular area of expertise is UK independent (private) day and boarding schools for 7 to 18 year olds, and Swiss boarding schools. We are also known for our insight into British international schools throughout Asia and globally.

University Advice

We offer specialist help and application support for students applying to the world’s top universities. Our customised and detailed approach is a mentorship programme that goes the extra mile – from choosing the right course and building a coherent list of universities, to providing future career advice. With knowledge of further education options in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia, we help every individual to find their passion while being well set-up for life.

Test and Interview Prep

Interviews and entrance exams are a common feature of school application procedures. We familiarise you with what to expect and conduct mock interviews for practice. Having seen many students through school entrance exams, we can prepare students with advice on curriculum differences, analysing gaps in knowledge and working through our bank of past papers.

Professional Tutoring

We have access to excellent tutors, whether for specific curriculum needs or general enrichment. Our tutors are experienced teachers who are familiar with local school syllabuses as well as the UK National Curriculum. We also work closely with advanced tutors for UK and US university preparation. Depending on your preference, tutoring may take place online or in person, and at your residence or in a centre.

Why Choose Us?

Look Past League Tables

Exam result league tables can be incomplete and misleading. We examine the particular strengths or weaknesses of a school with you and offer an insight into a school’s personality and nuances.

Independent and Ethical

We work exclusively for the child and their families, providing honest and impartial advice. 

Global Reach

Our knowledge of schools is truly global. We are experts in British education but collaborate closely with advisors and other professionals in the US, Switzerland, Europe and Asia, enabling your choices to include the best schools in the world.

Cross-Cultural Knowledge

We understand both different approaches to education globally, having experienced first-hand the different systems of schools in Asia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Tailored Advice

Every child is unique and the search for a school must reflect this. Preferences on academics, location, student body make-up, optimal year of entry, international recognition and branding, extra-curricular activities, are always factored in.

Excellent Tutors Network

We have access to experienced tutors who can assist in preparing for entrance examinations and guide you in what to expect for interviews and assessments.


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