Seeing Past the Glossy Brochure

In-person visits are a must for prospective parents to distinguish between a school’s marketed image and the actual educational reality. Read our top 5 tips on how to uncover the real deal when you step on campus. Top Tip #1Visit on a typical school day to see beyond the marketing materials. Discover the true spirit […]

A Guide to Academic Competitions

In today’s highly competitive applications to the world’s best universities, standing out from the crowd is a must. Students often do this through work experience, volunteering or research projects, but engaging in academic competitions or Olympiads is a powerful way to demonstrate academic ambition, curiosity, and excellence. These competitions provide a unique platform for students […]

Musings about Artificial Intelligence in Education

Although we are no longer grappling with test kits and quarantine, educators and schools continue to face an endless barrage of new challenges. In the last 12 months, artificial intelligence, and in particular chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has taken the education world by storm. Chatbots, for the unacquainted, are trained from big data inputs […]

What sport can reveal about character

Stephanie Cheah, education consultant and regular golfer since the Covid pandemic, explores the inextricable relationship between sport and character. Sport has long been viewed as a mirror, reflecting the intricacies of human nature. While many sports showcase the physical prowess, strategic thinking, and mental toughness of athletes, few are as revealing of character as golf. […]

Talking Heads: How I help my child become resilient

Mrs Nicola Huggett, Head of Cheltenham College since 2017, shares her personal approach to developing resilience in children. The front of the glass cabinet in our kitchen is still reverberating from the slamming of the kitchen door, shortly to be followed, I know, by the slamming of the bedroom door. Again.  “Where have you been? […]

At what age should my child start boarding?

Determining the ideal age to start boarding school can be complex, as it varies based on individual circumstances, maturity levels, and specific educational goals. Boarding schools are valued for their unique blend of academic rigor, personal development, and community experience. One of the primary considerations is a child’s developmental readiness. It’s essential to assess whether […]

Digital Innovation in Schools

It is becoming increasingly straightforward for schools to use AI technology and digital tools in their classrooms and to create personalised learning experiences. In a time where information can be found at the click of a button, schools play the role not just of informing, but also of curating education, and making it as effective […]

UK Student Visas: Popular FAQs

It’s visa application season, as the new academic year starts soon in UK schools and universities! If your child requires a visa to study in the UK, find out what other parents have asked us year-after-year.  Students cannot apply for a visa more than 3 months before the start of their course. It takes and […]

CATALYST by Winchester College

CATALYST is where ambitious, curious students aged 13 to 18 learn about how tech, science, culture, and industry impact our world and develop vital skills to shape the future. Combining the intellectual rigour of Winchester College with innovative teaching and technology, CATALYST’s unique programme challenges students to tackle complex topics that cut across disciplines, for […]

Supporting learning differences in UK schools

Awareness of learning differences is now widespread and schools are increasingly equipping themselves with knowledge and resources to support their students. Sheridan Steen, founder of the company Dyslexia School Search, is an expert in special educational needs and has worked with many students across a whole range of conditions including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and autism.  […]