BESSA Live: Meet top UK boarding schools from the comfort of your home

BESSA has moved online! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit schools in the UK this June… all from the comfort of your home.

BESSA Live: The Virtual Schools Show
Saturday 20th June, 3pm to 7pm Singapore time
Free Admission. Sign-up NOW at

Live 1:1 with Admission Directors | Take Virtual Tours | Talks by Experts

Ask all your questions to research your child’s future educational options. Below, we share FAQs about BESSA Live.


What is BESSA? 
It is an acronym for The British Education and Schools Show in Asia.  We started off as a carefully curated event for families in Asia, inviting schools with a good academic standard across the board, excellent and modern facilities and stronger levels of pastoral care given the distance between the UK and South East Asia.  Our schools represent some of the most prestigious and competitively sought after schools in the UK. 

At the show, attendees have the opportunity to visit exhibitor booths and meet schools’ admission directors face-to-face.  A programme of talks allow parents to hear about topical issues in education from the experts.   

This year, the pandemic has transformed the education landscape with schools moving to distance learning, accelerating the use of digital platforms and forcing a re-thinking of how to teach.  Staying true to its motto, BESSA is taking its boarding school show online to keep families informed with the changes and as a conduit for open lines of communication between school and home. 

Who should attend BESSA Live? 
A child’s education and learning experience is of huge importance for any parent.  BESSA was founded upon the belief that it is beneficial for both parent and child to understand the options available and make well-informed decisions when choosing a school.  BESSA is a great forum not only to explore and learn about British boarding, but also for parents to stay updated with new developments in world leading education. 

We encourage parents, together with their school-going children (whether of primary or secondary level), to come to BESSA and speak with school representatives, alumni, current students and other parents. 

How to attend BESSA Live and how much does it cost? 
BESSA is a free admission event.  Pre-register online at and create your login account. 

When and How do I come to BESSA Live? 
BESSA Live will run from 3pm to 7pm Singapore time on Saturday 20th June 2020.  You may login to BESSA Live through the website using your email address and the password you created when you registered.  Don’t worry if you forget your password because it can be easily reset on the Login page. 

Can I pre-book an appointment with an Exhibitor? 
Yes, it is possible to pre-book appointments with individual Exhibitors by emailing with your request.  Alternatively, you may “walk-in” to any virtual booth during BESSA Live and enter an Exhibitor’s meeting room. 

What will I see when I enter an Exhibitor’s booth? 
Upon entering each booth, you may speak to the Exhibitor live, by simply clicking the “Talk To Us Now” button.  This takes you into their waiting room and alerts them you would like to chat. Don’t worry if you’re not admitted into the meeting immediately – other visitors may be ahead of you. The Exhibitor knows you visited and can also contact you when they are available to chat, or follow up after BESSA Live. In the booth, you can explore more details about the Exhibitor such as prospectuses, admission documents, academic results, video tours and photo galleries. 

What questions should I ask at BESSA? 
Families interested in a British boarding school and starting their research can refer to this list of questions which covers a wide range of topics, from academic to extra-curricular, admissions and pastoral care:

General Information

  • Where exactly is the school located? Is it in an urban or rural setting? What are the transport links to the school?
  • What is the size of the school? Is it small (50-60 in a year group) or large (over 200 in a year group)? Is it co-ed or single sex?
  • When was the school founded? Find out some history.
  • Who owns the school? Is it a charitable trust? Or part of a larger commercial group?
  • How long has the Head been at the school? Are there any change in headship plans?
  • What are the school hours? How does the day work? Is there school on Saturdays?
  • What outdoor space and facilities does the school have? Are there any facilities the school is currently lacking?
  • Does the school have a religious faith, or any other particular ethos? How do you cater for children who do not come from your religious background?
  • How diverse is your school community? How many international students are there, and from which countries?

Admissions process

  • What are the main entry points into the school? Is there any possibility for entry at other times (eg. January intake).  How will my child be integrated into the school then?
  • When should I register?
  • What are the entrance criteria?
  • Will my child have to take any screening tests and if so, how should they prepare?
  • Will my child be interviewed?
  • What are the fees?
  • What scholarships do you offer and how do we apply for them?
  • What bursaries would be available to my child if we require fee assistance?
  • If I have more than one child at the school, is there a sibling discount policy?

Academic questions

  • What is the staff to pupil ratio?
  • How do you monitor each child’s progress, and how do parents receive information?
  • Does the school follow A Levels, Pre-U or the IB curriculum? What subjects within these curricula are offered?  Are there any subjects not offered – eg. Chinese, any art or less popular options?
  • Which universities do you feed?
  • How do you support university applications? Do you have a US university advisor? What about other universities around the world – eg. HK, Singapore, Australia?
  • What careers advice do you offer?
  • What are your IGCSE and A-Level/IB results?
  • How many pupils stay on in the Sixth Form? How many join the school at 16+, do many come from overseas?
  • What are the staff qualifications? How many are subject specialists?
  • What is your SEN (learning needs) support? Is it a department within the school, or outsourced? What assessments do you do? Which learning difficulties do the school cope with?
  • If my child has a particular talent, how will you support, enrich or stretch it?


  • What extra-curricular activities and clubs do you offer?
  • Will my child take part in drama productions and musical concerts? Can my child have individual or group lessons, and is it part of the curriculum?
  • What sports do you offer? Does everyone have to do the same sports?
  • Will my child be likely to be in a team? Which other schools do you compete against?
  • What trips and expeditions do you run?

Pastoral Care

  • How do you promote well-being and happiness? What happens when things go wrong?
  • What happens if my child is unwell or injured?
  • What are your drug policies? How do you manage teenage stress and mental health?
  • How do you deal with bullying?
  • What do you do about home sickness?
  • How do we stay in touch with our child? Can my child have a mobile phone?
  • How do you manage safeguarding?
  • How does the boarding setup work? Are boarders grouped in houses? Which members of staff are responsible for boarding?
  • How many full and part time boarders do you have? How many children are in school on Saturday nights?

I’m still a little lost. Can I speak to someone?
The Team at BESSA always love to hear from you! If you have any further questions or feedback, send us an email at or call us on +65 8742 1827.  Follow Us on our social media platforms for updates.