CATALYST by Winchester College

CATALYST is where ambitious, curious students aged 13 to 18 learn about how tech, science, culture, and industry impact our world and develop vital skills to shape the future.

Combining the intellectual rigour of Winchester College with innovative teaching and technology, CATALYST’s unique programme challenges students to tackle complex topics that cut across disciplines, for example: the ethical governance of artificial intelligence. Students convene in a custom digital environment designed for interactivity, immersion, and fun, but a lot of time is also spent ‘off screen’ engaging in local communities through fieldwork and reflection.

CATALYST is for students who are hungry to go further, faster. In addition to the course curriculum, students undertake personal ‘Change Projects’, for example: Michael, tackling the lack of performing arts education in Northern Ireland, Maya, exploring how to develop a rapid detection device for cystic fibrosis, and Emma, a youth activist committed to addressing the climate emergency. The Change Project serves as the student’s final work which can take many forms: thought leadership, a model or composition, video production, or anything else! This may form a natural backbone for university applications by contributing to a portfolio of work or setting the stage for a rich personal statement.

CATALYST will be running 4 selective cohort-based programmes in 2023.
~ 1 week: 3rd to 7th April or 10th to 14th July
~ 2 weeks: 18th to 27th July or 31st July to 11th August

Be part of an international cohort made up through a rigorous rolling admissions process.  Submit your application using the code Waypoints2023 for priority consideration and pricing. Applications are currently open via this link.

CATALYST’s commitment to their students’ academic and personal growth doesn’t stop with the end of a programme. Some of the ways that alumni continue to be supported include:
~ CATALYST in your corner’ where students can reach out to the CATALYST team for support at anytime
~ Mentoring opportunities offer alumni the chance to develop coaching and facilitation skills through micro-internships
~ Curated offerings from outside CATALYST such as scholarships, work opportunities, or other programmes that CATALYST has reviewed
~ Early access to new with special offers to further develop students’ change projects

For more information and any questions, feel free to drop us a Whatsapp at +65 97522429 or Email