Honour The Work And The Work Will Honour You


These are the words of Edward Thring, Headmaster of Uppingham School between 1853 and 1887. The celebrated British educator started his headship at the age of 32 and brought with him a raft of original ideas, many that are still important today.

Every pupil must receive full and equal attention, whether he is ordinary or brilliant. Those not intellectually gifted should have opportunities to succeed in other occupations. Boarding houses should be scattered around in their own grounds and each pupil must have a small study of his own. At a time when Maths and Classics dominated the curriculum, he introduced many ‘extra’ subjects: French, German, Science, History, Art, Carpentry and Music.

Music is still flourishing at Uppingham. Around two thirds of pupils learn an instrument, there are dozens of ensembles, 80 practice rooms, over 60 music scholars and exhibitioners and performances ranging from lunchtime concerts, annual music festivals to the sublime carol service.

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