My School in a National Park


How lucky am I? As a Sedberghian, my school in the Yorkshire Dales National Park offers 35 sports including sailing, rugby, tennis, hockey, cricket, netball, shooting, athletics, cross country, fives, football, squash, swimming, tennis, mountain biking, canoeing, horse riding, fell walking, caving and climbing. My rugby heros – England captains Wavell Wakefield, John Spencer and Will Carling, and the world cup winner Will Greenwood all came from my school.

It is not all about sport, though. I love the traditions of being in full boarding, dining in houses, and taking part in events like the Wilson Run, which has been raced over almost the same route since 1881. Speaking of dates, did you know that Sedbergh was founded in 1525 by Roger Lupton, while he was the Provost of Eton College?