Seeing Past the Glossy Brochure

In-person visits are a must for prospective parents to distinguish between a school’s marketed image and the actual educational reality. Read our top 5 tips on how to uncover the real deal when you step on campus.

Top Tip #1
Visit on a typical school day to see beyond the marketing materials. Discover the true spirit of the school by observing classes in action and feeling the atmosphere. Are students engaged and teachers passionate? Go and find out!

Top Tip #2
Non-teaching staff provide crucial support in every school. On your visit, engage with them and ask if they enjoy their job. Are they respectfully spoken to by the students and other teachers? Their insights are invaluable.

Top Tip #3
Don’t take exam results at face value – read between the lines. Dig below the surface and learn the stories behind the numbers. How every student is given a chance to excel? 

Top Tip #4
Ask students what they believe are their school’s strengths and weaknesses. Are they are happy there? What matters isn’t just the facilities, but the quality of the teachers and their teaching. This is the most valuable resource in any school!

Top Tip #5
Sporting opportunities should abound for every student, not just the naturally athletic. During the visit, learn how the school encourages every student to stay active and healthy.

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