Study skills – a key element to a complete education

The way your child studies can have a huge impact on their motivation to learn and ultimately on their educational outcomes and academic success.  Not only are these skills a critical ingredient for achieving higher exam grades, they are tools acquired for life-long learning with broad applications across most fields of study.

Here is a list of what Study Skills can include:

  • Goal setting – what is to be achieved?
  • Stress management – methods to relax and remain positive
  • Critical evaluation – reflecting on current progress and past performance.
  • Efficient note taking – highlighting, using key words
  • Visual summaries – using pictures, mind maps, charts
  • Time management –planning and prioritising workload, using exam time wisely
  • Memory skills- how our brains work, mnemonics
  • Effective reading – reading for a purpose, visualizing
  • Focusing strategies – concentration techniques
  • Identifying and maximising on preferred learning style
  • Handwriting – neatness as well as speed.
  • Revision techniques – note making and summarising
  • Exam taking skills – having the right equipment, time management, careful reading of the questions, structuring responses, proof reading answers and keeping calm

Having effective study skills are an important step in increasing your child’s confidence levels and perception of personal ability.  Don’t forget to equip your child with the study skills toolkit!