The Power of Online Learning

With improved technology online learning has really taken off.  Children and adults across the globe are suddenly able to access a whole host of different teaching options online.  Harriet Blomefield of Keystone Tutors elaborates on the importance and versatility of e-learning.

From YouTube tutorials to more established educational platforms, discovering and developing new skills is within reach for anyone with a computer, tablet or phone.  Some notable examples include:

  • edX – In 2012, MIT and Harvard University created a platform called edX, through which more than 70 schools, organisations and corporations pledged to offer courses. As of December 2017, edX has around 14 million students taking more than 1,800 courses online.
  • Khan AcademyKhan Academy produces short lessons in the form of YouTube videos and have a wide range of materials online.  To date, the Academy has delivered over one billion lessons worldwide and is used by 40 million students and two million teachers every month.
  • Pamoja Education – Pamoja Education is an education technology company which teaches whole IB Modules online.
  • Stanford Online High SchoolEton’s 2017 Roll of King’s Scholars appears conventional at first glance; a list of students from a range of top UK Prep Schools.  Look more closely and one school sticks out like a sore thumb: Stanford OHS.  Stanford Online High School is a selective independent school where all teaching takes place via real-time, online lessons.

The fact is: online learning is here, and it is here to stay.  Whether you are looking for help with homework or learning how to play the guitar, there is a wealth of material on the internet that can point you in the right direction.

At Keystone Tutors, our online technology ensures you get all the benefits of one-to-one tutoring plus easy access to online learning materials.  Spoken communication is over Skype and written communication is via our online interactive whiteboard.  Take a look at this video to see our online tutors in action or read our blog on Online Tutoring FAQs.  Our tutors use reliable and innovative online learning software and benefit from live video and audio streaming, interactive whiteboards and desktop sharing.  Students and parents or caregivers can access the whiteboard after lessons to assist with homework and revision.

Do not overlook the many benefits of online tutoring:

  • Access to a more extensive range of subjects – in many areas it can be difficult to find ‘the right fit’ of tutor, or even a tutor with the specialist knowledge of the subject, syllabus and exam board. Online tutoring enables access to specialist tutors in the UK from across the globe.
  • Convenience – much like the added flexibility, with online tutoring all the ‘life happens’ problems – traffic, car won’t start, tube strike etc. – are irrelevant. All you need is yourself, access to a computer and internet.
  • Flexibility – lessons can be tailored around the student’s availability – with no need to have rooms booked or transport planned, both the tutor and student are furnished with greater flexibility to make sure that the schedule works well from both sides.
  • Interactivity – The best online teaching should require no compromises in the interactivity of a lesson; indeed, many students find the direct face-to-face nature of an online lesson more personalised and interactive than the classroom.
  • Professional Tutors – Keystone is singular in its commitment to professionalise tutoring.  We have pioneered the first professional tutoring contracts in the UK, attracting tutors who see tutoring as a career and behave accordingly. They train regularly, always looking for ways to improve their craft; they have access to materials that Keystone has developed in-house; most importantly, they have a long-term, committed professional disposition.
  • Quality – Simply put, by offering tutoring online, we provide parents with the best tutors. We contact the parent and tutor after the first lesson to discuss the reactions of both, and to see whether the stated objectives are realistic or need adjusting. Tutors are expected to submit a monthly report detailing the work done in the month; the successes and areas to work on; and the work for the coming month.
  • Resources – gone are the days when you can use the one file that contained your full years’ worth of notes. If you are learning online, everything is saved safely on our interactive platform, past papers and other materials are all stored in one location ready to be used for study and revision.

There are many more articles about tutoring on Keystone’s Advice pages.   If you would like to hear more about Keystone’s online tutoring programme, click here to get in touch.