Schools Advice

Advice by the Hour

Are you looking for an education consultant with expert knowledge? Do you have a specific problem you were looking for some professional advice about? Our consultancy’s depth of knowledge and close working relationships with schools can help provide answers to all your questions

School Advisory Service

Schools Longlist Package

This includes a one hour meeting (in person or by video) with you and your child to get to know them, discuss their profile, understand your priorities for their education and what you are looking for in a school. Based on this and other resources you provide (like school reports), we will give you a long list of schools for consideration that fit your needs.

Schools Longlist Package

Full Retainer Package

A retainer-based consultancy service from “start to finish” for entry at different ages from 11+ to 16+. This includes child assessments, advising on various education pathways, school selection and matching for best fit of school, introduction and liaison with school admissions staff, arranging visits, navigating admission procedures, preparation for entrance examinations, interview practice with feedback and action points, providing information about UK student visas, guardianship requirements and other transition matters.

Full Retainer Package

Other Services

Waypoints helps families navigate the school admissions process with impartial and informed advice. Holding to the highest standards of professionalism, we give our all with every family to achieve their ultimate goal of having their child access the best education they deserve.


Test and Interview Prep

Professional Tutoring